SMTDA 2016

4th Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis International Conference and

5th Demographics 2016 Workshop


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4th SMTDA2016 Valletta, Malta
1-4 June 2016, University of Malta

5th Demographics 2016 Workshop

1-4 June 2016, Valletta, Malta

Malta is the ideal place for organizing the conference and workshop. Located in the middle of Mediterranean sea this beautiful country has numerous bays along the indented coastline of the islands. The capital Valletta, a strong fortress and a symbol of successful fights during the centuries, provides comfortable stay along with beautiful small streets, nice shops and colored houses. Outside the capital many well organized locations and hotels near the sea welcome the visitor providing unforgettable moments. More information in the website
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The renovated original establishment of the University of Malta in the center of Valletta will host the SMTDA2016 conference and the Demographics workshop.

The main goal of the 4th Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis International Conference (SMTDA2016) is to promote new methods and techniques for analyzing data, in fields like stochastic modeling, optimization techniques, statistical methods and inference, data mining and knowledge systems, computing-aided decision supports, neural networks and chaotic data analysis.

SMTDA aims at bringing together people from both stochastic and data analysis areas. Special attention is given to applications or to new theoretical results having potential of solving real life problems.

As it was decided by the Conference Committee during the SMTDA 2014 meeting in  meeting in Lisbon Portugal in June 11 - 14, 2014 the next SMTDA2016 will be held in the University of Malta (June 1-4, 2016, Valletta, Malta). The Conference is sponsored by ASMDA International.

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Lino Sant (
Mark Anthony Caruana (
The University of Malta traces its origins to the founding of the Collegium Melitense which was set up through direct papal intervention on 12 November 1592.
The decree constituting the University was signed by Pinto on 22 November 1769, having been authorised to do so by the papal Brief, 'Sedula Romani Pontifici', received on 20 October 1769. On 25 May 1771, a Collegio Medico was set up as one of the faculties making up the University.
The present shape of the University was established by the 1988 Education Act.
There are at present about 11,500 students, including 750 international students, following full-time or part-time degree and diploma courses, many of them run on the modular or credit system. The degree courses are designed to produce highly qualified professionals, with experience of research, who will play key roles in industry, commerce and public affairs in general. The University today has 14 faculties, a number of interdisciplinary centres and institutes, and a School of Performing Arts.

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