SMTDA 2020

6th Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis International Conference and Demographics 2020 Workshop



  Turned into an Online Conference
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Modeling 6th Stochastic Techniques and Data Analysis International Conference

Tuesday 2 - Friday 5 June 2020

Barcelona, Spain
venue: the UNESCO Heritage site
“Casa Convalescència”,  Universitat Autonόma de Barcelona, Spain


Registration and ABSTRACT and PAPER Submissions


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April 25, 2020 (NEW).

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The deadline for full papers (Optional) is April 25, 2020

Early Registration APRIL 25, 2020

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Conference Topics

The Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis International Conference (SMTDA) main objective is to welcome papers, both theoretical or practical, presenting new techniques and methodologies in the broad area of stochastic modeling and data analysis. An objective is to use the methods proposed for solving real life problems by analyzing the relevant data. Also, the use of recent advances in different fields will be promoted such as for example, new optimization and statistical methods, data warehouse, data mining and knowledge systems, computing-aided decision supports and neural computing.

Particular attention will be given to interesting applications in engineering, productions and services (maintenance, reliability, planning and control, quality control, finance, insurance, management and administration, inventory and logistics, marketing, environment, human resources, biotechnology, medicine, ...).

Methodological approaches

  • Poisson, Markov, semi-Markov processes,
  • Point processes,
  • Martingales, Stochastic calculus,
  • Random evolutions,
  • Decision and Controlled Processes,
  • Diffusion and Poisson approximations,
  • Asymptotic models and Weak Convergences,
  • Statistical inference for Stochastic processes ,
  • Hidden Markov and semi-Markov processes,
  • Fitting models for data,
  • Reliability and survival analysis,
  • Bayesian inference,
  • Functional data analysis,
  • Discriminant and Regression Analysis,
  • Mixture model and Probabilistic approach to Clustering,
  • Analysis of complex data (incomplete, censored, missing, spatio-temporal, imprecise, fuzzy,...),
  • Theories of uncertainty,
  • Graphical models and Bayesian networks,
  • Multidimensional Scaling and Multi-way Data Analysis,
  • Sensory Analysis,
  • Classification and Documentation,
  • Data and Text Mining,
  • Chaotic and Stochastic processes,
  • Analysis of Chaotic processes.

Special techniques and algorithms:

  • Neural Networks,
  • Genetic and Fuzzy Algorithms,
  • Support Vector Machine,
  • Monte Carlo Methods,
  • Chaotic Simulation.

The Conference includes five types of presentations

  • Key Note Speakers on the main topics of the Symposium selected by the Scientific Program Committee;
  • Contributed papers proposed by authors;
  • Poster presentations; 
  • Special Sessions proposed;
  • Workshops proposed

Dear Colleague,


We are deeply concerned for the virus development in connection to the conference activities and that the World Health Organization has declared it a global pandemic.

We are quite sensitive to that constraint but equally determined to fight against the difficulties that emerged.

We are in front of the new challenges, a new historical frame, new conditions of life.


Dear colleagues,


In these conditions, and following many requests and after consulting the committee, we have turned the conference into Virtual Conference in order from the one hand to follow the international instructions about the pandemic and the other hand to turn the SMTDA2020 International Conference and Demographics2020 Workshop into a successful virtual international event ( ).

So far the basis of the SMTDA and ASMDA Conference series will remain unchanged including the Proceedings and Publications in Books and Journals.


The web interactions, after the appropriate adaptations, will join better the groups of colleagues forming streams and workshops. A new challenge to open the international travel barriers set to stop the coronavirus spread.


While the Conference dates remain unchanged, the early registration deadline extended to 25 April including the corresponding reduced fees for the virtual participation (to be announced in the website soon).

If you have already paid for the conference fees, you will be issuing a refund for the difference between the early bird registration and virtual conference fee.


The technical details will be announced later on, especially for the Special, Invited Sessions and Workshop organizers and Session Chairs.

Note that the power point of your presentation is important for the Virtual Conference schedule. It should be send to the secretariat for the session/s chair at .


On behalf of the Conference Committee,


Prof. Christos H Skiadas,

Conference Chair


Over the years several Books from leading publishers emerged from the SMTDA and ASMDA Conferences and events.

I am happy to inform you that the basic details of the 2 collective volumes we have edited for iSTE WILEY as a result of the SMDTA2018 Conference in Chania, are now available online.

Data Analysis and Applications 3, ISBN : 9781786305343, Publication Date : April 2020 

Data Analysis and Applications 4, ISBN : 9781786306241, Publication Date : April 2020


From ASMDA2019 in Florence, Italy

Demography of Population Health, Aging and Health Expenditures. ISBN : 978-3-030-44695-6 : Vol 50 of The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis, Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2020